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My office can help you if:

You are a Virginia resident of the 21st Senate District and your inquiry is with a local, state or federal government agency or program.

  • Find out if you are in my District using the Virginia General Assembly’s Who’s My Legislator Link.

  • If your inquiry is regarding a local government or municipal issue, my office will connect you with your City Council representatives based on your address.

  • If your inquiry is regarding a federal issue or agency, my office will connect you with your Congressional representative based on your address.

How my office can assist you:

  • Create a dialogue with state agencies and supply other community resources (VEC, DMV, Utilities, Etc)

  • Submit an inquiry on your behalf with a state agency

  • Request information or a status report on your inquiry

  • Request that an agency consider or reconsider your inquiry

  • Obtain basic information from a state agency

What my office cannot assist with:

  • Forcing any local, state or federal agency to act in your favor

  • Expediting your inquiry or overriding rules and/or protocols

  • Providing legal advice or recommend an attorney

  • Overturning or influencing matters involving private businesses

  • Intervening with federal or local issues that fall under the jurisdiction of federal or local governments. If your issue involves federal or municipal (local) agencies, our office can facilitate communication between you and your U.S. Senator/Representative or municipal agency or representative directly.

  • Intervening with judicial issues. My office cannot legally get involved with pending litigation and civil lawsuits nor can we refer attorneys.

  • Overturning or in any way influencing a court’s decision

In order to establish a dialogue with your local government official, a state agency or connect you with your Congressional representative, please provide us with your full name, address, phone number, email and a description of your inquiry that you would like for my office to assist you with.

My office team and I are eager to serve you however we can.  If you still have questions, please feel free to call us at (757) 524-4941.

Please fill out the form below to start the service request process!


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