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Senate District 21

The 21st Senate District encompasses about 95% of the City of Norfolk. If you're not sure what district you live in or who represents you, visit: Who's My Legislator?


Voting Precincts in the 21st Senate District are:

Berkley, Campostella, Chrysler Museum, Ruffner Academy, Ingleside, Poplar Halls, Calvary Revival Church, Fairlawn, Lake Taylor High School, Sherwood Elementary, Sherwood Recreation Ctr, Broad Creek, Union Chapel, Young Park, Maury, Ghent Square, WH Taylor Elementary School, Larchmont School, Lambert's Point, Park Place, Lindenwood, Ballentine, Coleman Place School,  Larchmont Library, Virginia Zoo, Willard, Lafayette Winona, Norview, Tanner's Creek, Baron Black Library, Azalea Gardens, Larrymore, Rosemont, Suburban Park, Granby, Second Presbyterian, Titustown, Wesley, Crossroads, Northside, Pretlow Library, Oceanview School, Oceanview Golf Course


If you live in the City of Norfolk, here are all the elected officials who represent you in their various capacities:

Federal/Congressional Level:

President - Joseph R. Biden (D)

Vice President - Kamala Harris (D)


US Senate Representatives for Norfolk

US Senator  - Mark Warner (D) 

US Senator  - Tim Kaine (D)


Congressional District and Representative for Norfolk

3rd District - Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D)


State Senate and House of Delegates Representatives

Senator William "Bill" DeSteph (R) - SD20

Senator Angelia Williams Graves (D) - SD21

Delegate Bonita Anthony (D) - HD92

Delegate Jackie Glass (D) - HD93

Delegate Phil Hernandez (D) - HD94

Delegate Alex Askew (D) - HD95


Norfolk City Council Members

Mayor Kenneth Alexander

Vice-Mayor Martin Thomas, Ward 1

Councilwoman Courtney Doyle, Ward 2

Councilwoman Mamie B. Johnson, Ward 3

Councilman John "JP" Paige, Ward 4

Councilman Thomas Smigiel, Jr., Ward 5

Councilwoman Andria McClellan, Superward 6

Councilwoman Danica Royster, Superward 7


Norfolk Public School Board Members

Dr. Adale Martin, Board Chair, Ward 1

Ms. Tiffany Moore-Buffaloe, Board Vice-Chair, Ward 4

Ms. Tanya Bhasin, Ward 2

Mr. Carlos Clanton, Ward 3

Vacant, Ward 5

Dr. Noelle Gabriel, Superward 6

Mr. Rodney Jordan, Superward 7

Cameron Sadr, Student School Board Representative

Abigail Jackson, Student School Board Representative (alternate)


Constitutional Officers

Ms. Daun Sessoms Hester, Treasurer

Ms. Blythe Scott, Commissioner of the Revenue

Sheriff Joseph "Joe" Baron, Sheriff & High Constable

Mr. George Schaefer, Clerk of Court

Mr. Ramin Fatehi, Commonwealth's Attorney


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