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Commending & Memorial Resolutions

As your Senator, I can introduce legislation during the General Assembly session to honor members of the 21st Senatorial District community through commending and memorial resolutions.

Every legislative session, I am proud to introduce a series of commending and memorial resolutions to honor citizens in the 21st Senatorial District.

Commending Resolutions

Do you know someone or an organization in the 21st Senate District who has demonstrated dedication to the well-being of others? Do you know someone or an organization who consistently goes above and beyond to help others and is a positive influence in the community?  Do you know someone or an organization that is a positive role model for youth and young people in the community?  These individuals and organizations committed to selfless service are an integral part of our community and have a positive impact on so many lives. Submit a commending resolution request below to make sure they are recognized for their service.

Memorial Resolutions

If you would like to submit a nomination to honor someone in the community who has passed away, please submit the same form below but make sure to choose “Memorial Resolution”. Our office can prepare and request a resolution as an expression of thoughtful remembrance in their memory. Please include any details you wish to include to celebrate the life of the nominated individual.

Letters of Congratulations or Acknowledgement

Is there a person, business or nonprofit organization in the community doing something special or Celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary?  If you would like to submit a request to have a letter of congratulations or acknowledgement for them, please submit the form below and select Letter of Congratulations or Acknowledgement.  Our office can prepare and mail a letter to you or whomever you designate to receive it.  Please include details about the individual or organization that you feel need to be highlighted.  These requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the date needed.

Please fill out the form below for consideration:


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