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As your Senator, my job is to fight for the issues that are important to the citizens of Norfolk and the Commonwealth.  I am committed to improving the quality of life of every citizen and ensuring that our individual freedoms continue to be protected.  I will never surrender to MAGA extremists who want to roll back our progress, take away our rights and defund public education.  The fight in the Virginia General Assembly continues against MAGA extremists and I will continue to work, collectively & tirelessly, with my colleagues to serve you.  In the Virginia Senate, that work will continue because I will never stop fighting for my community!  

Your Issues are My Issues...


Safeguarding Our Rights and Freedoms

I see what we all do - a frightening trend of MAGA extremist encroaching on our rights; from our right to choose, our right to marry who we love and our right to vote.  I will not back down when it comes to protecting our freedoms, and in the General Assembly, I have not shied away from fighting back against MAGA extremism.  I believe our most important right is the right to make our own decisions.


Tackling Public Safety

I believe that one of the best ways to make our communities safer is by stopping violence before it starts and enacting strong gun safety laws.  That is why I have partnered with community organizations and fought for legislation to invest in violence intervention programs, reforms to our criminal justice system, and am working to expand gun safety laws.  


Improving Our Public Education System

A quality public education system is the cornerstone of a quality & truly diverse community.  As a State Legislator, I have led the charge to ensure every child can receive a world class education, by working to fully fund our public schools and to recruit & retain the best teachers possible.

Economic Freedom for Everyone

An Economy That Works for Everyone

I know that families across Norfolk are struggling.  That is why I am focused on providing solutions to lower costs now.  This means supporting our small businesses, investing in workforce development, cutting taxes, and creating green jobs that will also protect our environment.


Protecting Our Environment

I believe that the earth is God's gift to us and we owe it to the next generation to leave them a sustainable environment.  I will continue to protect our land, and protect our water, for us and for future generations.





"On these issues, and so many others, I have worked hard as your Delegate to ensure that I have crafted, introduced and passed legislation that is impactful to the quality of life of my constituents in Norfolk and to those throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  As your State Senator, I will continue to do the same."  ~Angelia

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